DEMO - Hazard Communications
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DEMO - Hazard Communications-Online Training


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Hazardous materials (chemical products) are used in practically every workplace. There are approximately 600,000 chemical products in the world today. Hundreds of new chemicals are introduced every year. These numbers place 32 million workers in situations of potential exposure to one or more chemical hazards everyday. Some of these chemical products pose little danger to you, while others are deadly. Modern manufacturing would not be possible without chemicals. However, like machinery or electrical equipment, you must know how to use chemicals safely. The first step in using chemicals safely is to recognize those materials that may be hazardous to your health or physical safety.


This online course will acquaint you with the requirements of HAZCOM including Material Safety Data Sheets, hazardous materials inventories, labeling requirements, and information you will find on a written hazardous materials program. "This demo contains a sample of actual course content however it is not the full certification course".




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