DEMO-Confined Space Entry
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DEMO - Confined Space Entry-Online Training


DEMO DESCRIPTION:  This web-based Confined Space Entry class will enable the Entrant, Attendant, or Supervisor to safely and confidently understand and evaluate the hazards and procedures associated with confined spaces. The training from Compliance Solutions is designed to help the student differentiate between a "Permit-Required" confined space and a "Non" Permit-Required confined space. This DEMO Confined Space Entry course addresses the hazards associated with confined spaces, outlines the duties and responsibilities of all members of confined space entry teams including emergency rescue procedures as well as plan development.

In addition to confined space entry procedures and hazards, the course explores the need for appropriate personal protective equipment and the selection characteristics for each level of protection. Because the use of instrumentation for monitoring is essential to any confined space operation, the course addresses numerous types of direct-reading instruments, including their mode of operation and the limitations of each type."This demo contains a sample of actual course content however it is not the full certification course".




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