Respirator Medical Clearance Online
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Respirator Medical Clearance Online


 DESCRIPTION:  OSHA Regulations require your employees to be medically cleared to wear a respirator before they can be used in company operations (employees MUST have a medical clearance before fit testing is performed). A physician or other licensed health care professional MUST review the employees medical history (and possibly perform additional testing) before a respirator clearance can be issued.


Compliance Solutions has teamed up with a well respected, occupational medicine group located in Denver Colorado, to provide our clients online respirator medical clearances. Gone are the days when employees spend hours waiting at the doctor, gone are the high cost fees associated with doctor visits. Our new online clearances  provide an compliant alternative that is:


  • Cost Effective - Up to a 75% savings off traditional pricing
  • Convenient-Your employees begin their evaluation within minutes of registering. Most clearances are issued within 24-hours (weekends and holidays excluded).
  • Proven-With over 40 years in occupational medicine, your employees are well cared for.


If you're used to waiting days to get an appointment and spending hours of unproductive time at the doctors need this service! Most employees complete our online medical evaluation in under an hour. Once complete, a medical professional reviews the employee history, follows-up with the employee if necessary and issues a clearance within 24-hours. In less time than you normally spend driving to the doctor, your employees can complete the online evaluation and be back to work!


95% of all respirator medical clearances are completed without any additional testing required. In cases where an employee requires additional testing, we will issue a conditional clearance with instructions on what testing/conditions need to be met and, what to do next.



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Special Note: OSHA regulations require that employees complete Respirator Safety Training prior to a medical clearance being issued. If you have NOT completed training, we offer an online course that can be completed in 45 minutes to 1-hour. Training is available in English and Spanish


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