Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Awareness for Oil & Gas INTH2SOG
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Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Awareness Complete - Online Training for Oil & Gas


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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Complete ® - Oil and Gas version is an awareness level (4-Hour) online training course


This online training was developed to provide students a comprehensive overview of hydrogen sulfide safety and the effects on employees in the workplace. Increasing your awareness of the occurrence of natural and industrial hydrogen sulfide hazards will better equip you to deal with H2S hazards. This is important because hydrogen sulfide exposure has a high mortality rate.

H2S Complete for the Oil and Gas Industry allows you to proceed at your own pace to complete this comprehensive, interactive and fully online course. 

This interactive online course features narrations, module quizzes, multiple student interactions, advanced bookmarking, streaming audio, scenarios, live instructor chat, and a course glossary.

As an added bonus, this course also includes a copy of Comply-Check: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), free for download. Comply-Check was designed by Compliance Solutions as both a learning aid and a job aid for the real-world. Each page of Comply-Check features a key topic from the training course, along with important facts, action-items, and terminology.This online course is jam-packed with information, key-actions, and terminology to help employees protect themselves and others from the many hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide exposure. Once registered, employees have a full 90-days to complete the online curricula (extensions are available, just call prior to expiration) with the added benefit of being allowed to login and train at your leisure (so specific start and stop times.) After completing this course, students will be sent a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing (not a black & white “downloaded copy”.)


This online course is best suited for students with newer computers with reliably fast internet connection speeds (cable, DSL, wireless cards not recommended). Click on System Requirements below for more details.



REQUIRED TIME TO COMPLETE THIS ONLINE COURSE: 4-Hour minimum online study time.

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