Emergency Response Guidebook 2016 RMERG2016

Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) - Pocket Size, 2016


The North American Emergency Response Guidebook (or “ERG”) is the result of a joint development project between by the US Department of Transportation, Transport Canada, and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of Mexico (SCT).


The ERG is widely used throughout industry and government as a guide and aid to first responders, emergency personnel (such as fire, police and hazmat teams) for the rapid identification and classification of chemicals, hazardous materials and other material involved in incidents and spills.

ERG is the proven “go-to” publication for protecting responders, drivers, and the public during the first stages of a response.


This version, published in 2016 is the most recent version of the manual, in a “pocket-size” format for easy carrying and transportation and helps employers in meeting DOT requirement that ALL hazmat shipments be accompanied by emergency response information.


The 2016 version of the ERG includes general revisions, expanded sections and added guide pages for absorbed gases. Updated every four years.